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know who you’re doing business with

What is IDMAXX?

IDMAXX provides you with more information about who you’re doing business with. Request an IDMAXX score from anyone in the transaction and gain more information on their validity and character history. After entering identification such as IDs, signatures and initials to quickly share and reuse digitally, users provide contacts for references who can authenticate their information. References are then contacted by IDMAXX and assigned a value based on responses, relationship type and length. Those values are aggregated into a user’s overall IDMAXX score, which is then  available to other members in the transaction.

Benefits & Highlights

  • Reduce the possibility of fraud throughout the process by confirming the identity of the person participating in the transaction
  • Provides a legitimacy score for individuals and the potential to utilize the score for transactions in the future
  • Visually validate signatures and initials at the closing table from the IDMAXX profile
  • Tie the individual who starts the process and stakeholder actions together, and attach them to the various tools used by all three
  • Gain peace of mind by spending less time worrying about the validity of members and potential risks in the process

How to get started

IDMAXX is currently in public beta at the portal and it is currently available in public beta. To be a part of the free beta and explore IDMAXX:

  1. Sign up for a Pavaso account at if you don’t already have one
  2. Sign in to Pavaso and look for IDMAXX on the main page
  3. If you don’t see IDMAXX, just click “Add Apps”, search for IDMAXX, and add it to your main page

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What is pavaso?

Pavaso is the first end-to-end digital solution that simplifies home buying for every stakeholder in the transaction. It connects everyone securely through a digital platform, streamlining the process, transforming the customer’s experience, and helping the industry innovate, grow and evolve.  Home buyers, owners and sellers can sign up for free at