Home buyers and sellers:
SAve time and know who’s working on your Transaction

What is IDMAXX?

IDMAXX provides you with a single place to provide personal information that you can share with your real estate agent, lender, and title company during the process
of buying a home.  You can also request personal references from family, friends and professionals, allowing you to build out a character profile based on a network of people you know.  Put it all together, and IDMAXX generates a scored profile that provides a better picture to businesses of who you are, in addition to current faceless methods such as credit scores and paystubs.

Additionally, IDMAXX allows you to know who is executing your transaction, providing you with the ability to see their public profile. This helps you make sure the person you sit down with at the closing table is the person you’ve been in contact with, whether the closing takes place in their office or at your kitchen table.

Benefits & Highlights

  • Confirm that you are who you say you are, in person and electronically
  • Show your real estate agent, lender and closing agent that you are a valid and trustworthy client
  • Save time and effort by only inputting your information once to create your IDMAXX profile, then use that entered information throughout the transaction
  • Add security to your identity for major transactions such as buying a home
  • Because IDMAXX allows you to invite an unlimited number of references, the sky is the limit for your adjusted score

How to get started

IDMAXX is currently in public beta at the www.pavaso.com portal until and it is currently available in public beta. To be a part of the free beta and explore IDMAXX:

  1. Sign up for a Pavaso account at www.pavaso.com if you don’t already have one
  2. Sign in to Pavaso and look for IDMAXX on the main page
  3. If you don’t see IDMAXX, just click “Add Apps”, search for IDMAXX, and add it to your main page

What is pavaso?

Pavaso is the first end-to-end digital solution that simplifies home buying for every stakeholder in the transaction. It connects everyone securely through a digital platform, streamlining the process, transforming the customer’s experience, and helping the industry innovate, grow and evolve.  Home buyers, owners and sellers can sign up for free at www.pavaso.com.